About Us

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CoinBanking is a bank that will be built for the blockchain era using technology to reduce the number of counterparties, thus lowering the cost of banking for the end consumer. We have seen counterparty reduction emerge in e-commerce, where goods are now often purchased straight from manufacturers. In financial services, the trend up until now has seen financial technology companies building their businesses by piggybacking off existing infrastructure to create better solutions for individual products. For example, remittance companies have emerged simply because they could process bank wires faster in various countries. However, such technologies have created numerous counterparties. By being a core participant in financial markets, CoinBanking can provide many services without the need for such counterparties.

CoinBanking is building a digital bank to last for the blockchain era. As a traditional bank, CoinBanking's services fit into threee groups:

PAYMENTS including payment accounts with personal IBAN, debit cards, interbank foreign exchange rates and payment processing. All services will support both traditional fiat currencies as well as cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Etherum, DASH, NEM, ERC20 compliant tokens and others. In the long term, CoinBanking will implement innovative solutions such as gross-domestic-product (GDP) linked currencies and the use of equity traded funds as a substitute for money.

LOANS AND DEPOSITS will be a key competitive edge as well as core service of CoinBanking. Current deposits will receive interest just as savings do. All CoinBanking clients will be able to benefit from higher interest rates due to proprietary infomation about borrower's cash flow, as most loans will be given to bisuness clients who use the payment processing solution.

INVETMENTS will consist of low-cost investment products such as equity traded funds (ETFs), crypto-funds (a portfolio of various cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens) as well as roboadvisory solutions for wealth management. Eventually, CoinBanking will offer investment banking services including financing corporate stragegies of our business clients.