Team, Advisory & Partners

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer
Aaric Ady
Chief Creative Officer
Adamson Agate
Chief Technology Officer
Alfie Beeman
Chief Legal Officer
Paegastun Bledsoe
Chief Financial Officer
Pamelia Bloise
Chief Business Officer EMEA
Sadie Brenchley
Chief Strategy Officer
Haddon Gumbs
VP of Business Development
Yardley Grinter
Chief Accounting Officer
Yeoman Grove
Chief Operating Officer
Kacey Bridgewater
PR and Marketing Manager
Wacian Brigman
Chief Business Officer EMEA
Radbourne Breed
Paragon mascot
Kacia Bream

Advisory Board

CEO of CoinBank
Software developer
LUCAS Abraham
Founder and president at Blockchain University
JACK Addison
Past experience: Network Engineer at Blockchain University
LYNN Adley
Forbes 30 under 30
SAGE Alfred
Professional Consultant Blockchain University
MARIAH Soumare
CEO of Massive Technologies. Blockchain University
Senior Lecturer Past experience: Blockchain University
AMBER Andrew
Director of X-Coin
Former COO at X-Coin
ROBERT Baldwin
14 years' experience in developing high load online services. 2 years in blockchain development.
Nick Evdokimov